MIEC Al Mashriq International Engineering Consultancy

MIEC are specialised in conventional and Eco Friendly Electro Mechanical Design as well as Consultancy in the same areas. We take into account our social responsibilities, local environmental regulations and future requirements.


MIEC are capable to provide their clients with solutions that should not be called other than totally integrated.  This will meet their current and future demands.  


Established in 2009, Al Mashriq International Engineering Consultancy is the first operating consultancy office in the Sultanate of Oman specialised in designing and assessing eco-friendly electro-mechanical designs against International codes and standards.

Despite this fresh start, MIEC have been able to achieve First Grade registration with the Omani Government Tender Board for Engineering & Mechanical Consultancy, which is a major achievement for a company who recently started their operations. Our team’s experience and exposure to international complex projects have given us the confidence that our capabilities and skills will meet our client’s objectives and goals.


We believe that there are always new ways of doing things, new tested technologies in the world that have not been adopted or at least thought of in the Sultanate. Our team exposure in the MEP consultancy does cover this, as they keep up to date with all new technologies and systems used in the world, which can add a huge value to any design or construction.


There are always new ideas to achieve a sustainable business or project. MIEC have recognised that the demand for future infrastructure requirements and needs should consider new approaches to ensure that it satisfies both the client and the society needs. We have thought of the link between sustainability and infrastructure requirements and their dependence on government spending on all of these projects.