Integrated solutions

MIEC are able to provide our clients with solutions that should not be called other than totally integrated.  This will meet their current and future demands of any development.


By working as an integral part of the project team, we can deliver the following:

  • Enhance the working environment;
  • Optimise long-term building performance, efficiency and life-cycle costs;
  • Allow the client to focus on their core business;
  • Undertake a large portfolio of projects from pre-concept design stages to fully operating businesses.


‘WIN’ Themes and Strategy of work

We at MIEC will adopt the following win themes on our projects to achieve the most efficient design


Highly Qualified Managerial, Design and Supervision Staff

o  Developed through our Omanisation policy this combination optimises the knowledge and experience of both parties to deliver best in class solutions.

o  Commitment from our international partners to transfer the know-how to the country through the development of young Omani engineers to their standards.


Combined experience of similar projects

o  All information gathered during the implementation of the projects is collated into our feedback cycle to ensure the latest and most accurate advise is offered.


Our projects team

o  Professional capable, drive to succeed, spirit of teamwork, and cooperation both within the team and with the customer



o  Focused Sub-consultants to ensure strategic procurement decisions are made relating to all aspects of our projects to deliver best value to the clients.

o  Ensure that our products and materials specified are capable of meetings our vision and mission requirements with regard to sustainability and eco-friendliness.



o  We actively seek to provide value to our clients and actively seek to liaise with their representative to achieve best value to the their design.

o  Reviewing designs to ensure that they fit in well with the client/owners requirements for the long terms objectives. 


Sustainability & Renewable Energy

o  Our understanding and knowledge of sustainability will ensure that our clients will benefit from undisputed efficient designs.