The Team

We believe that the success of any business depends on the people involved and their eagerness to satisfy their clients and their own needs.


We have thoroughly thought of this and believe that having the right people on board from the beginning would demonstrate to our clients our seriousness and desire to achieve a fully integrated solution to their projects and targets.


We have recognised that the most important criteria for any client is commitment to delivery, which was our main criteria that we at MIEC have used during the selection process of our team members.


We also recognised that taking serious attention to the welfare of our people is most important to ensure that their commitment and production of their tasks are met to both the client and company standards.


We believe that any company survival in Oman will depend on its ability to meet with the local requirements, rules and regulations. In MIEC, management has considered, that one of our strength would be in attracting Omani talents whom we consider being the future of the company and it’s front line in all dealings with clients and government bodies.