Our Expertise and Services

We at MIEC, offer the following services which apply on Residential and Commercial projects:

Design of building services and supervision of MEP works

Our team designs building services by applying standards and codes, and best practices in the GCC. We provide eco-friendly solutions and techniques to build sustainable buildings using proven practices in renewable energy.


MIEC supervision and residents engineers do have extensive site experience along with excellent monitoring and controlling skills, allowing us to make sound judgments in approving contractors’ works. The following are part of the activities that we are capable of being engaged to serve our clients.

* Air conditioning design

* Power design

* Lighting design

* Plumping design

* Drainage design.

* Fire protection

* CCTV design

* Water treatment

* Low to medium pressure gas piping

* Extra-low voltage design including access control, fire alarm and public address system control

Energy Auditing

We include Existing buildings in our portfolio, driven by both our environmental responsibilities and customers care. We can survey existing buildings against power and water demands or waste, and other utilities where necessary. We also offer to calculate Carbon footprint of the operating business, very important fact sheet for any business operating worldwide. Thereafter, we suggest feasible and eco-friendly solutions to our clients for them to implement so their business runs efficiently with reduced utility bills and improved environmental conditions.

Commissioning Management or Third party commissioning Authority

One of the ultimate needs of any developer is to successfully run their businesses from day one of projects handover, and to start generating returns on their investments along with satisfied buyers, customers and end users. Commissioning management will allow designing and constructing buildings with zero defects from day one of occupation. We operate throughout the life of a new construction project as third party or a seconded party to clients or designers, and we collaborate in design review sessions where all stakeholders are present. We look also into optimizing volume spaces and location of equipments that need frequent access and maintenance. Furthermore, we assist contractors to successfully plan and execute their testing, balancing and commissioning process. We also assist contractors in preparing Building’s Operation and Maintenance Manual making sure that all services and systems are integrated and perform as per the design intent with revised and correct documentations.

Independent consultant party to perform MEP design review and value engineering

We perform design review and assess the integrity of designed systems and conformance to both client’s requirement and design intent. We assist our clients in determining the whole life cycle analysis of MEP systems and the feasibility to implement energy efficient designs. We help identifying and specifying materials and systems proven or certified to be eco-friendly. At the end of this process, we deliver a fully detailed report listing recommendations, which emphasis the ways, and methods to improve design results at reduced cost.