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Free water from MIEC design
Water Meter: 300 Cubic Meter of Water produced in two years!!!!
June 2011

MIEC have managed to design a system at a client's apartment building that produces free water.  The system consists of  a series of water tanks that collect water condensation from all the air condition units in the building. This is then pumped upto the roof where it is stored until it is needed for irrigation, cleaning or other uses.  The system is totally separate from the traditional fresh water system of the building and is currently piped down to specific external taps around the basement area.
* Traditional AC drains are piped to the building drain system
* Additional materials for this system:
- 3 x 600 gallon water tanks (600 rials)
- 2 x standard water pumps (180 rials)
- Additional piping, valves, taps and sensors (800 rials)
* Water produced per month 3000 - 5000 liters depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
* Payback period calculation:
- Current cost of water 3 baisa per liter
- Savings from sewage removal charges 40 rials per month
- Savings from water production 12 rials per month (assume 4000 liters)
- System payback period 2.5 years
* "A/C Water" Air conditioning units produce one natural product, Water! The method that this water is produced is just like the water that forms on the outside of a glass with ice in it.  The warmer air from the home, meets the colder surface of the evaporator coil and naturally, condensation occurs.  This is pure water.
MIEC complete Energy Audit for Major Bank Facility
May 2011

Al Mashriq International Engineering Consultancy have submitted their first energy audit saving report to our client Oman Arab Bank. The works involved inspecting all systems in the existing headquarters to identify ways of achieving energy savings. It also involved reviewing of all the bank utility bills and carry out detailed comparison and analysis of how to improve on the bank utilities efficiency. The audit report has made considerable recommendations and solutions to the client to ensure a sustainable operation of the bank existing facilities.